Ramachandra Borcar
Roche Papier Ciseaux (Original Soundtrack)


Ramachandra Borcar (alias DJ Ram and the Ramasutra project) has always been known as one of Montreal’s most musically eclectic and versatile artists, and his original score for the film “Roche Papier Ciseaux” clearly shows his wide range of styles. The film directed by Yan Lanouette Turgeon and starring Roy Dupuis, Samian, Remo Girone and Roger Léger features three separate stories that intersect as the movie progresses.

Likewise, Ram’s score evolves around three different styles of music that intertwine as the stories unfold. The score features close to forty musicians, and moves through orchestral passages for strings and brass, spaghetti western guitar lines, Chinese instruments, ethereal female vocals, flamenco guitar and dark electronic soundscapes. Guest musicians include Richard White (The Besnard Lakes), Jonathan Cummins (Bionic, USA Out Of Vietnam), Mikey Heppner (Priestess, U.B.T.), Lowell Campbell (Wintersleep), Liu Fang, Phil Hornsey (Sixtrum) as well as Ram himself playing a wide array of rare electronic instruments from the past and present including the Swarmatron, modified Omnichords and the VCS3.


Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Eulogy
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Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Opening Theme
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Ordinary Dream
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El Boy Die
Dead Kings
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