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Summer Love


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Summer Love - Red Mass

This five song digital-only release features four unreleased tracks and one song previously only available on the Rococo vinyl 10”. In true Red Mass fashion, the five songs cover a wide range of influences from the poppy shoegaze title track, the Devo soaked “Split Brain Experiment”, French pysch-freakout of “Cadavre Mécanique”, Exile era Stones of “Sleep My Darling”, and the full throttle punk of “To All The Good People” (with King Khan).

In the words of Choyce himself… “smoke some weed , go drink in the park, get a BJ at the beach and break into the neighbour's pool. It’s time… Summer Love is here!!"

1. Summer Love
2. Split Brain Experiment
3. Cadavre Mécanique
4. Sleep My Darling
5. To All The Good People

- Track 1 -
feat. Symphonic Sausage, Hannah L is Dead, Warren Auld, Choyce. Recorded at Sauropelta Studios
- Track 2 -
feat. Fred Charest, The Roller, Mig Delicious, Choyce. Recorded by Phil Hamelin at Hoodoo Recording Studios.
- Track 3 - 
feat. S.T. Fuck, Ice Planet Calme, Pontius Pilate, Ernest St. Clair, Jena Roker, Clément Lainé, the Roller, Choyce. Recorded by Sebastien Perry and Brice Duggan. Mixed by Sebastien Perry
- Track 4 - 
feat. Hannah L is Dead, Nyles Miszczyk, Gigi French, Choyce
- Track 5 -
feat. King Khan and Choyce. Recorded by King Khan at Moon Studios.

Artwork by Gavin Munoz


Ramachandra Borcar
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Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Opening Theme
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Ordinary Dream
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El Boy Die
Dead Kings
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