Semprini Records emerged in 2003 from the conclusion reached by an avid collector of rare soundtracks and psychedelia, that a record label can indeed blur genres yet still remain unified under a committed sound. 

Much like proudly owning an eclectic record collection, Semprini's bold mission is to fight against categories of genre by promoting bands that do not “sound like” other bands.  While harnessing unique sounding acts whose musical touchstones range from tropicalia, indie folk, lo-fi, spaghetti westerns, shoegaze, 60’s French pop, garage, psychedelia, musique concrete, dub, atmospheric jazz, cabaret and exotica, Semprini has discovered in each of them a current for the cinematic, a struggle against the generic, an affinity for the indefinable. 

These bands don't sound like trends; they subvert them. These bands can't be held in categories; they slip through them.  

Each band charters new territories of sound and invites you to wander their musical landscapes that defy the strict boundaries of genre. When stitched together, the diverse sounds create an atlas of the sonic world that is Semprini Records. 

During the fall of 2007, Semprini created Signed By Force Records, a sub-label dedicated to charting the choppy waters between heavy rock and punk with the same guiding principle: to discover unique bands who bring forth a sound that has yet to be experienced.


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Ramachandra Borcar
Roche Papier Ciseaux (Original Soundtrack)



Ramachandra Borcar
L'Ange Gardien






Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Eulogy
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Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Opening Theme
audio mp3

Ordinary Dream
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El Boy Die
Dead Kings
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